What are dental veneers and how do they work?

The dangers of dental tourism: why you should twice about going to Turkey for dental work

It’s safe to say that the popularity of dental veneers is at an all time high, with a significant number of people undergoing this effective treatment to improve their smiles. According to an Oral Health Foundation survey, veneers are the second most popular cosmetic dental treatment in the UK, after whitening.

We’re bombarded with images of people with seemingly perfect straight white teeth on socials, in films and on TV. And, with continual advances in dentistry techniques, getting a set of sparkling white teeth has never been easier. But exactly what are dental veneers and how do they work?

In this article, we’ll look at the procedure of treatment with veneers, as well as discussing why so many people are going to Turkey for dental work – and what risks they might face as a result… 

What are dental veneers and how do they work?

A dental veneer is a thin piece of tooth-coloured material that is bonded to the front surface of your own tooth. Veneers are usually formed from porcelain or a composite resin and are used to improve the look of your smile. 

Dental veneers can be used to fix a number of imperfections, from acquired chips  to discolouration and crooked or misshapen teeth. Veneers can also help with addressing alignment or gaps, to enhance your teeth and create overall uniformity.

How do dental veneers work, when you visit The Dentalist?

Here’s how we treat patients who want to have dental veneers:

  1. Assessment

First of all, we will schedule a free initial consultation. This gives us the opportunity to take scans and X-rays to ensure you have a good standard of oral health (you need a healthy mouth, teeth and gums for treatment with veneers). 

  1. Consultation

Once we have assessed you and checked that you are suitable for treatment, we will discuss what you’re looking to achieve with your smile transformation. We will run through your options, including the shape, size and colour of your new teeth. We will also make digital impressions so that each veneer can be precision-made in our laboratory.

  1. Preparation

Your natural teeth will be prepared for the placement of the veneers. We do this by removing a tiny amount of enamel from the surface of your tooth. We also clean and polish your teeth ahead of your veneers being fitted. We may use a temporary cover over your teeth, while your veneers are being crafted.

  1. Bonding

Thorough preparation ensures a strong and seamless bond between your veneer and your natural tooth. We use a strong dental adhesive and high-intensity ultraviolet light to set the bond.

Benefits of dental veneers

We all want a bit of that Hollywood sparkle, right?

As we’ve mentioned, veneers are a really effective way to fix multiple dental imperfections. We can use veneers to address misshapen, chipped and discoloured teeth. 

Veneers are also a really popular cosmetic dental treatment, for the following reasons: 

  • The application procedure is fairly non-invasive
  • Veneers add natural looking brightness
  • Dental veneers are stain-resistant and highly durable, if a sensible care regime is followed 

In addition, we can achieve dramatic improvements to your smile and, as a result, your confidence in your appearance will grow. 

Why are so many people going to Turkey for dental work?

‘Dental tourist’ usually applies to those who seek private cosmetic dental treatment abroad. In the last few years, many people have travelled abroad for treatment – particularly to Turkey – so much so that the term ‘Turkey teeth’ is actually a thing! 

There are lots of reasons why people are going to Turkey for veneers, namely:

  • Cheaper prices than equivalent treatment in the UK
  • Marketing campaigns that use social media influencers and celebrities 
  • Turkish clinics have promoted themselves as centres of excellence with high quality treatments and modern techniques 
  • The warm climate is appealing and seems a bit like a pampering minibreak

This type of dental tourism isn’t new but there are certainly some considerable drawbacks to getting cheap veneers in Turkey.

The risks of going to Turkey for veneers

There are numerous potential problems associated with travelling to overseas destinations for cosmetic dental treatment. Risks of going to Turkey for veneers include:

  • The language barrier could lead to misunderstandings between you and the dentist – e.g. receiving caps instead of veneers
  • The regulations differ from the stringent standards we have in the UK
  • A potential for substandard materials and application techniques
  • Lack of access to ongoing aftercare, once you’ve returned to the UK
  • A difficulty in seeking recourse, in the event of a negative outcome
  • Ongoing pain, due to over-filing of the teeth 
  • The expense of seeking costly corrective treatment in the UK

While going to Turkey for dental work might seem appealing, there are some pretty serious downsides to it. 

Choosing a dental practice, solely based on cheap prices can lead to huge regrets. It is critical that you check the professional credentials of any potential dental clinic. 

The importance of a reputable UK dentist

In contrast to going to Turkey for veneers, there are many advantages to getting veneers in the UK.

Benefits of UK dental veneer treatment include: 

  • high standards of regulation
  • accountable, qualified and experienced dentists
  • continuity of care and the availability of ongoing aftercare
  • the convenience of staying close to home
  • avoiding language and cultural barriers

Veneers are an important investment in your appearance and they are a permanent commitment. It is vital that you opt for a high standard of dental care in order to avoid the problems of travelling overseas for treatment.

Speak to the experts in cosmetic dentistry

Dental veneers are a great way to make a permanent improvement to your smile. Hopefully our article has given a better understanding of dental veneers and how they work. 

However, as with all dental treatment, it is absolutely vital that you seek treatment from a qualified professional. With so many benefits to be gained from veneers – as well as being an investment in your long-term appearance and dental health – a reputable dentist is key.

If you’re interested in finding out more about dental veneers, please contact our friendly team today and book in for your initial consultation. You can call us on 01509 380054 or send us a message here. As we always say: let’s get you smiling! 

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