The Clinic

Beyond ordinary

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We are a boutique, friendly dental clinic that you’ll actually look forward to visiting. We are on a mission to eradicate the chore of visiting the dentist by reinventing the environment and the experience for each and every person we welcome through our doors.

Conventional practices offer a carbon copy clinical, generic setting. It’s slick but dull. It’s pricy and scary. We’re done with that approach, and we are sure that most of you are too.

You deserve something better. You deserve dental care with a difference. An environment that is luxurious, relaxed, and as far away from the cold, stuffy dental practices you’re used to.

We’ve created a space that is inspiring, exciting and far from the ordinary. A place where you will feel completely at home. Where you can relax, among friends that listen and feel confident in the treatment you are about to receive. Your new Dentist Loughborough!

Here, you can be you. And when our work is done, you’ll have the confidence to flash your new smile with pride after a complete dental glow up.

Complete comfort care

We are disrupting the usual dental narrative of cold, clinical pragmatism. Instead, we’ve created a space where you can retreat from the hubbub of everyday life and sit back in blissful comfort while we create your dream smile.

We’re taking shame out of the dental game and have created a safe, indulgent space that changes the nature of visiting the dentist forever. This is no longer just about your smile, this is about your happiness. We’re injecting delight and pleasure into every step of our clinical approach so that after each visit you leave feeling elated and positive about what is still to come.


We want you to feel in your element. Not just when the treatment is complete, but during every step in the process. There’s no one-size-fits-all method around here. We customise each treatment recipe to personalise the experience for every single patient.


For dental care that’s kind to you, your teeth and your budget you need The Dentalist in your life. The team can’t wait to meet you. We’ll sit down, discuss you smile goals and even create a 3D scan so you can see your future smile in minutes!

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