Our Story

That moment when…

It all started as a dream between a group of friends. Friends with a passion for beautiful teeth and friends that shared a dream of breaking the mould and doing dentistry differently.

From BFF’s in dental school to now business partners, fuelled by creativity and a good dose of humour we set out to design a concept that shatters dental stereotypes. Turning all notions of how dentists should operate on their head, we began to re-think the whole experience from a patients-eye-view.


We may be dentists, but we are people just like you. We appreciate the simple and the special moments in life. We all want to look and feel our best, but not at any cost. We live in a world that moves faster than ever in an era of uncertainty and fear. So why would we want to make life more difficult?


Dentistry offers people the opportunity to make great improvements to their life; physically, aesthetically, and emotionally. But more often than not – it doesn’t feel like it. The industry has been clouded in shame, blame and negativity for too long and it’s time for things to change.


It’s time to shake the stigmas in dentistry once and for all to restore the beauty, confidence, competence, and compassion in dentistry.


And we’re here for that!

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Changing the dental landscape

The idea for The Dentalist was born on the premise that people deserve more from their dentists. No matter how much they might need it, patients are entitled to more than a soulless waiting room, a generic appointment, an impersonal examination or a terrifying treatment.

We’re offering a refreshing new approach to the dental landscape.

We’ve created a space you want to relax in, with people who listen and speak your language. We’re obliterating the jargon and the judgements, smoothing over the stress, making every experience pleasurable for the mind, body and budget. We take our time to get to know each and every one of our patients, building relationships that last long after you’ve left our clinic.


Are we human or are we dentists? Well both actually and that’s what makes the difference. Every aspect of our concept brings humanity into play. This is no longer just about your smile, this is about positive dental experiences.


This is a dentist, but not as you know it.


This is The Dentalist.

Ready for your new smile?


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