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While Dental practices hardly change, at the Dentalist, we incorporate innovative dental approaches to revolutionise our patients’ experience. Although our dental practices are not hugely different from traditional dental experiences, we aim to give patients better positive experiences that will satisfy them.

Our dental tools are designed with different modern technology aspects to ensure the precision and efficiency of our dental procedures. This level of precision means our dentists are able to meet any patient’s dental goals without causing any harm to their gums and other tissues in the mouth.

Depending on the type of treatment, we will administer local anaesthesia if the procedure involves pain-intense dental treatment procedures such as dental implant placement, tooth extraction and periodontal surgery. This sedation step is to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment process.

Our dentists are also understanding. They will help you get over anxiety and other worries, especially if you feel disturbed or uneasy about the nature of the dental procedures. Some dental tools may also feel scary but our staff will help you understand their uses making you feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

Whether we need to use high-speed dental drills for tooth shaping or ultrasonic scalers for cleanings, the dentists will explain each instrument’s functionality to control your expectations. This transparency is part of our commitment to give a reassuring and informative dental experience for all our patients.

Our Services for Patients in Markfield

Our primary mission in Markfield is to ensure we deliver customised dental care to every patient’s needs, whether you visit for a regular checkup or an emergency. So in our dental practice is a full range of dental services that include:

Emergency Dental Care

At the Dentalist, we offer our services all day and night to ensure we can serve all emergency dental cases. Whether the patient has to brave knocked-out tooth, infected gums, or severe gum bleeding, our dentists have all it takes to stabilise any condition.

Moreover, our equipment feature advanced technology that makes them more precise in their operations. This helps ensure we can meet our patients’ urgent dental needs within the shortest time possible.

Other emergency dental services we offer include, managing bleeding or swelling in the mouth, temporary restoration or repairs for broken teeth if possible, and managing dental infections among many others. Our dentists also use emergency visits to educate patients on the importance of oral preventive measures to avoid future emergencies.

Even then, we treat our patients with the highest dignity they deserve without judging them.

Cosmetic Dentistry

In addition to teeth whitening, dental veneers, and dental bonding procedures, our cosmetic dentists are experienced in handling complicated cases such as full mouth reconstruction. Whether the patient has lost multiple teeth or has severe tooth decay and advanced gum diseases necessitating gum surgery, our cosmetic dentists will handle it all skillfully.

Understanding some cosmetic procedures need precise attention, our dentists will listen patiently, and address all your concerns to ensure we fulfill your needs. Whether you are unsure about possible tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, or lifespan of the veneers, we will get each issue addressed before kicking off the cosmetic procedures.

At the Dentalist, we are proud of our cosmetic dentists’ high success records. Our commitment to delivering outstanding dental care is reflected in the positive outcomes and satisfied smiles of our cosmetic patients.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most reliable and long-term solution any dental patient can get after losing their teeth. But you must understand the dangers of a failed implant, including gum recession, long-term complications, nerve issues and potential infections.

​Our dentists specialising in dental implants have years of experience offering the service, so you can be sure of positive implant experiences with successful outcomes.

Following a careful approach after assessment to precise treatment planning and post-operation follow-ups, our dentists will provide the best implant services.

We also offer multiple other implant services, including:

  • All-on-four and all-on-six same-day teeth
  • Single-tooth dental implants
  • Zygomatic implants
  • Advanced bone grafting

Paediatric Dentistry

Our paediatric dentists have higher success rates in the unit. From successful treatment outcomes to guidance on positive oral habits and preventing further dental issues, our dentists can deliver exceptional care to young patients in Markfield.

Understanding the need to build trust and reduce anxiety in the children, our paediatric dentists often employ different specialised approaches to make the children comfortable during their visits. Firstly, small rewards and constant praise are common practices for a child who braves dental procedures.

Secondly, using simple language by our dentists and showcasing dental equipment helps the kids perceive the instruments as non-threatening. Lastly, we employ a friendly demeanour and encourage parent participation in the dental offices to help reassure the children of their safety, even on the dental chair.

Choosing The Dentalist for your child’s dental checkups, cleanings, and other comprehensive procedures means prioritising their comfort and long-term oral health.

General Dentistry

We encourage frequent visits to dentists to help prevent, detect and address various general dentistry conditions. Whether you need an oral cancer screening, have gum diseases or dental cavities, or require proper assessment, we are committed to giving you the best comprehensive care.

Our commitment also extends to creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for a stress-free dental experience. Visit our clinic today for many other general dentistry services, including:

  • Filings
  • Tooth extraction
  • Dental hygiene
  • Root canal treatments
  • Missing tooth replacements, among others

Dentist in Mountsorrel FAQs

We are open every day of the week for easier scheduling if you’re busy during the week and vice versa.

We will examine the teeth and gums for signs of damage from decay, disease or other issues. We may also take X-rays to check for underlying problems under the surface of the teeth.

The recommended period is every six months. However, every person has different oral health needs, so some people may require more frequent visits than others.

Yes, we take dental emergencies and offer same-day appointments depending on when you call us. We are open 7 days a week, so you can reach us any day for dental emergencies.

We offer various orthodontic services and provide multiple alignment options to suit your needs and budget. You can schedule a free consultation today for further advice on straightening your smile.

We offer monthly payments and competitive dentistry rates to ensure you can access affordable and quality dental care when needed.

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