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The Dentalist is home to various dental professionals. Although you might always refer to your trip to our office as coming to see a dentist, it’s not always that you see a dentist. Depending on your dental issue, we will ensure you see the right professional, and in some cases, that professional is an orthodontist.

There’s a huge debate between dentists and orthodontists about when to see either, and we can help you settle that debate and find your way to the right professional during your next appointment. First, we have to say we have some of the most amazing, skilled and experienced orthodontists in Leicester. So when you make your appointment with us, rest assured you will be in the most capable hands.

What is Orthodontics?

An orthodontist is a specialist dentist who is trained in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Orthodontists provide many treatment options to straighten crooked teeth, fix bad bites and align jaws correctly.

Orthodontists undergo additional specialist training in the field of orthodontics. Most people often seek the services of an orthodontist when straightening teeth; they can also assist with painful and misaligned bites, teeth movements caused by bad habits such as thumb sucking and even some forms of sleep apnea. An orthodontist can fix your smile and make your pain disappear.

What Does An Orthodontist Do?

The role of an orthodontist isn’t clearly understood among patients. Most patients aren’t aware of when to see an orthodontist and when to see a dentist. Lucky for you, our bright and bubbly bunch at The Dentalist can help you get that squared away. But it certainly helps to know the difference.

Orthodontists are also considered doctors of oral health. Technically, they’re a kind of dentist specialising in tooth and jaw alignment.

The orthodontist is trained to diagnose and treat oral health conditions of your teeth, gums, and mouth. But mostly, the orthodontist focuses on making sure your teeth and jaw are set correctly. An orthodontist can do the following;

  • Supervise facial growth (jawline and bite) in children
  • Diagnose and treat misaligned teeth and jaws
  • Create a treatment plan that includes braces and retainers
  • Perform teeth straightening surgery
  • Install dental appliances such as palatal expanders, braces, orthodontic headgear or Herbst appliances.
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When Should You See an Orthodontist?

Like other dental treatments, early orthodontic evaluation is always a good idea. Also, just like general dentistry, seeing an orthodontist in Leicester is recommended from an early age. As early as 7 – 10 years old. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need a referral from a dentist.

An orthodontist can treat patients of all ages as long as their challenges fall within the speciality of the orthodontist, which includes having crooked teeth and misaligned jaws. Besides not having your upper and lower teeth not fitting together properly, you should also consider seeing an orthodontist if you have any of the following signs;

  • Difficulty or pain with chewing or biting
  • Problems breathing through the mouth or snoring
  • Speech problems
  • Prematurely losing baby teeth due to cavities (decay) or trauma
  • Thumb sucking.

An orthodontist can also improve the appearance of your teeth if you have;

  • Teeth that don’t meet properly when you bite down or smile
  • Crooked, uneven, protruding, or crowded teeth
  • Jaws and teeth are out of proportion to the rest of the face
  • Have an underbite or overbite

Most orthodontic work revolves around giving our clients a straighter smile and correcting their bite. Depending on the extent of the misalignment, the treatment can take up to 18 months or more because the teeth need to gradually move into the correct alignment.

Our orthodontists in Leicester provide a wide range of treatments, including metal braces, clear aligners and lingual braces. We carefully consider the circumstances and situation of each patient before recommending the ideal treatment.

Differences Between an Orthodontist and a Dentist

Orthodontists and dentists share many similarities, so much so that they share the same office space in many cases, like at The Dentalist. They work together to help you improve your overall oral health, but they actually work in very different ways.

Dentists cover a broad range of oral health issues. On the other hand, an orthodontist is a dental specialist with a singular focus: straightening teeth and aligning jaws.

In simpler terms, a dentist is like a general medical doctor. They can diagnose and treat problems and common diseases that affect your teeth, mouth and gums. A dentist caters to all general dental care and maintenance for all ages. They also perform some cosmetic dental procedures such as tooth whitening, porcelain veneers and crowns.

Orthodontists are registered dental specialists who have completed additional training in orthodontics and facial growth, development, biology and biomechanics. An orthodontist helps to treat crooked teeth, bad bites and poorly aligned jaws. An orthodontist might also be able to help you in cases of sleep apnea or correcting issues caused by prolonged bad habits.

Why Should You Visit an Orthodontist?

Your smile is the most important feature and a huge asset to your personality and character. Your smile is also the greatest present in the world. You’ve probably heard of sayings such as a smile that can light up a room.

As far as caring for your smile and ensuring it is the best, you want to ensure it is in the best hands possible with a fully trained orthodontist. If you’re self-conscious about the state of your teeth, then an orthodontic treatment plan can help restore confidence to your smile and help you live a happier and healthier life.

There are many reasons to visit an orthodontist. It could be to make an appointment to have your crooked teeth straightened, reduce gaps, or correct misaligned teeth. An orthodontist can help with all these.

Treatments such as braces and clear aligners should be provided and fitted by a qualified orthodontist to ensure they work as they should.

You’re welcome to take advantage of our free consultation at The Dentalist with our world-class orthodontists to start your journey to the perfect smile.

Orthodontist FAQs

Common orthodontic procedures include braces, Invisalign aligners and retainers. Generally, orthodontists concentrate on realigning your teeth for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Fillings are more within the forte of a general dentist. A dentist will also perform root canals and other restorative work. 

After assessing your dental misalignment, the orthodontist can install metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, self-litigating braces, or clear aligners. The preferred brace varies depending on the patient’s treatment preference, financial ability, and the orthodontist’s professional opinion. We will always walk you through the process.

The objective of an orthodontist is to help you achieve the perfect smile, keep food from getting trapped in your tangled teeth, and correct pronunciation or breathing defects.

If you pay your dentist regular visits, you will only need to see an orthodontist when recommended. But if you have braces or other retainers installed, you will need to see the orthodontist at least once a year or as often as they request.

On the same day, the braces are removed, and a retainer is fitted. We might take another set of X-rays or bite impressions to check how well the braces worked and how well the wisdom teeth developed. Depending on the progress, it might be necessary to continue seeing your orthodontist as recommended.

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