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For many years, a typical visit to the dentist involved being greeted by eerily silent and cold waiting halls with the occasional drill noises, and patient screams filling the waiting room. But not anymore. At The Dentalist, we understand that finding the right dentist in Quorn is like finding a perfectly fitting shoe, you become inseparable, and that is why we’re re-writing the dentistry script to provide you with the best dental care in a comfortable, fun and luxurious environment. 

About The Dentalist

If you’ve had to stay up all night thinking about your visit to the dentist the next day, we’re here for you. Visiting your dentist doesn’t have to be that scary experience, and we’ve ensured that.

The Dentalist is dedicated to providing you with that welcome experience that replaces all the worries of visiting a dentist.

From our warm waiting room packed with cool music to our friendly nurses and staff, we’re all about creating the perfect environment for you to know that you’re in the best and most capable hands.

How are we re-writing the dentistry script?

We’re bringing back compassion, honesty and empathy in the practice. Dental complications can be a painful and harrowing experience, and understanding the pain and inconvenience it brings to you allows us to provide the best and most effective care that even you will appreciate.

We’re communicative. We understand the anxiety you feel whenever a random dental tool is pulled out, and you’re not aware of what is about to happen. We walk you through every single step of the process, helping you stay calm and relaxed all through. Our goal is not just to transform your smile but also your life.

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When to See an Orthodontist

We are all about you! By understanding you as a person, we know what makes you tick and the dental treatments that would work best for you and bring out the best in you. We want to know everything about you, from your favourite colours to beverages and even music. We aim to personalise your dental experience and please all your senses to make this the most relaxing and comfortable visit to a dentist in Quorn you’ve ever had. We want this to be the most enjoyable visit to the dentist you’ve ever had. 

Dentistry hasn’t had the most glamorous past, and there’s a fear that people have towards it. When you come to The Dentalist, we will help you develop a new narrative with our hands-on, patient-centric approach that puts you at the forefront of everything we do, right down to the music we play in our waiting rooms.

We are what dentistry should be in the 21st Century! What are you waiting for? Get yourself a free consultation today and prepare to have your mind blown by our spectacular approach to dentistry.

As a baseline, a dentist in Quorn should be a means to bring out the best and happiest version of you by recreating and restoring your smile.

There’s more to a smile than a sign of happiness. It’s a sign of self-confidence, a mirror to your joyous self and the happiness and light you bring to others when you smile. With our vast array of dental services, we can help you overcome any stumbling block hindering your smile’s radiance.

Types of Dental Services We Offer

Emergency dental care

Do you have an inflamed tooth, a decay that’s leading to excruciating teeth, or perhaps you’ve had your tooth knocked out or broken? Accessing professional dental care in any of these dental emergencies quickly can save you a lot of pain and distress and give you the best chance of maintaining your smile.

Like every other health emergency, time is of the essence. We are open 7 days a week and accessible round the clock. With our same-day appointment, you can see a dentist when you need them most to help you with any dental emergencies you might have.

General Dentistry

We have general dentistry services for less pressing dental issues like cavities. At our practice, we deliver the ultimate boutique and luxurious experience focused on friendship and camaraderie. Think of us as your next-door neighbour, only in scrubs and prepared to bring your smile back to life.

Our friendly, professional and highly experienced dentists complete various treatments and procedures under general dentistry, including;

  • Fillings
  • Root canal procedures
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Tooth extractions
  • Dental hygiene
  • Missing tooth replacements, among others

Dental implants

Tired of covering your mouth every time because of a few missing teeth? Let us help you smile freely and achieve the full functionality of your mouth with our dental implants. We have an extensive range of options available for you to suit every situation. Whether you’re missing a single or multiple teeth, we will come up with the most practical dental implant options to give you back your smile and a natural look.

Cosmetic dentistry

Our cosmetic dentists and orthodontists in Quorn are perfect for a straighter and whiter smile. Cosmetic dentistry has grown tremendously over the past few years with many amazing options that will help you get that perfect smile.

With our experience, updated information and the latest and most modern tools, we can help you leverage the technologies and advancements in cosmetic dentistry to give you the perfect smile.

We offer everything from simple teeth whitening and teeth straightening, we can revive your smile or make it better.

Some areas we cover include BeestonCliftonKeyworthLong EatonRuddingtonStaplefordBarrow upon SoarMountsorrelEast LeakeCastle DoningtonSystonShepshedRothleyQuornLeicester, Loughborough and across the Midlands!

Dentist in Quorn FAQs

We are open every day of the week for easier scheduling if you’re busy during the week and vice versa.

A typical dental checkup involves examining your teeth and gums for signs of diseases and decay. We may also take X-rays to check if you have any conditions under the surface of the teeth.

We recommend every six months. But if you're currently undergoing dental treatment or have a recurrent problem, we might recommend more regular visits, so we're on top of everything.

Absolutely. We offer same-day appointments for dental emergencies depending on the time you call us, and we're open 7 days a week so that you can call us any day.

We offer flexible monthly payments that allow you to get the dental care you need without putting you in financial distress.

On the same day, the braces are removed, and a retainer is fitted. We might take another set of X-rays or bite impressions to check how well the braces worked and how well the wisdom teeth developed. Depending on the progress, it might be necessary to continue seeing your orthodontist as recommended.

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